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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd November 2018

 “In the four years I’ve been using the CanalPro Apex Locator by COLTENE, I’ve never had an unreliable reading,” says Dr Nalin Karunaratne.

“Most apex locators are said to only be fully accurate at the zero reading, but with the CanalPro I’ve even achieved precise results in a patient with a 27.5mm long canal on the distobuccal root on an UL7.

“Having such a dependable piece of equipment is well worth the price and spares the patient of the sometimes unnecessary dose of the working length periapical radiograph(s). It is also a very good size and will not be obtrusive on the packed working space in such an equipment intensive procedure such as root canal therapy. Plus, the colour screen is visually a great help when tracking the progress of the file in the canal.”

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