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  Posted by: The Probe      13th November 2018

At Ten Dental, we strive to provide high quality dental care that ensures patients achieve beautiful smiles they can be proud of. Modern treatments such as dental implants can enhance the quality of life for many patients, providing a positive boost to a person’s self confidence and self image.

Patient Deborah Orr can attest to this, as she told The Times: “For as long as I’ve been aware of my teeth, I’ve been self-conscious about them, hated them even. Tiny, crooked, full of gaps, especially right at the front, they caused me to suppress every smile and look at the ground as I spoke.”

Fed up of feeling ashamed, Deborah sought out the experts at Ten Dental, led by Drs Martin Wanendeya and Nikhil Sisodia. Over several years, they worked to transform Deborah’s smile, performing a series of complex treatments that included a sinus lift, guided bone regeneration and dental implants.

With the management and maintenance support from Ten Dental, Deborah has retained her implants for the last 10 years following completion of treatment.

She said: “I’ve become a very smiley middle-aged woman. I’m happy. I can flash a grin to prove it.”[i]

Contact the award-winning team at Ten Dental to find out how you and your patients could benefit from referring.

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[i]The Times. (2018) Why I spent ten years and £30,000 in the dentist’s chair. Link: [Last accessed: 06.06.18].

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