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  Posted by: The Probe      10th November 2018

Through science, technology and product innovation, COLTENE has made significant headway in the development of high-performance endodontic materials.

One of the latest products that is helping dentists to transform the way in which they can deliver root canal treatment is the HyFlex EDM file, which exhibits a 700 per cent higher fracture resistance than other NiTi files. Other unique features include shape memory to help reduce the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of a canal to the lowest level, and high flexibility.

COLTENE’s endodontic range also includes endo engines, apex locator, obturation and sealing materials, accessories and more, all of which are available alongside first class customer service.

There’s no compromise on quality and reliability when you choose COLTENE. Call the team today to find out more.

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