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  Posted by: The Probe      18th November 2018

“I’ve used W&H products for many years and I’ve always been happy with the performance and reliability of these solutions,” says Dr Martin Chan. “The release of the new Implantmed surgical unit interested me and I was excited to try it out in my specialist practice.

“Featuring a clean and attractive design, the Implantmed is straight forward to set up and disinfect. The colour touch screen of this unit is simple and easy to use, and the motor and handpieces are much improved with regard to balance and comfort for the operator. There is less vibration and noise from the unit, making it more acceptable for the patient.

“The pump set up and the wireless foot control also improve the Implantmed’s convenience. All the components of this unit have the usual high quality feel that I have come to expect from W&H.

“The customer service from the company remains excellent in comparison to other market competitors. I have no hesitation in recommending the Implantmed as a well-made and reliable unit that is a step forward for both patient and practitioner.”

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