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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd November 2018

When it comes to decontamination in your dental practice, your infection control procedures might be faultless, but if the equipment that you’re using is substandard you’re wasting your time, because the success of the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes will always dictate your compliance.

Only by investing in quality, reliable products will you be able to ensure consistent sterility and provide a safe, compliant environment for both patients and staff. The Lisa steriliser from W&H offers everything you could need and more, with the additional benefits of unrivalled customer service and ongoing technical support.

Amongst other things, Lisa provides an exceptionally fast B cycle of just 30 minutes for an average load of 2kg and a 13-minute fast cycle for unwrapped instruments, taking efficiency to the next level. Along with the intuitive interface, user oriented menu structure with programmable cycle start, and innovative Lisa app for Real Time Remote Monitoring, Lisa saves you valuable time and effort allowing you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Thus, if it’s top results you’re after, you really can’t go wrong with Lisa – call W&H to find out more.

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