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  Posted by: The Probe      17th October 2018

Education is the key to help dental technicians reach their full potential, especially for those studying to become part of the profession.

Understanding this, Sparkle Dental Labs holds education as part of their ethos and is committed to helping students and staff alike to experience all of the latest innovations in the field.

Located on campus at the University of Bolton, the lab gives students doing dental technician apprenticeships the chance to come and work with them to attain their 500 hours of required experience. This provides the opportunity not only to teach them the ins and outs of what it takes to be a dental technician, but also introduces them to the most cutting-edge technologies and ideas within the profession.

From teaching students about digital workflows in the dedicated CAD/CAM suite to opening their minds to 3D printing and its applications in the laboratory, Sparkle Dental Labs is dedicated to ongoing education and has the technology available to ensure that the next generation of dental technicians are informed and inspired.

Find out more about Sparkle Dental Labs by contacting the team today.

For more information, contact Sparkle Dental Labs on 0800 138 6255, or visit

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