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  Posted by: The Probe      18th October 2018

“I’d had a few requests from patients about orthodontic treatment and I wanted to be able to offer a solution for simple cases. I therefore decided the take the ClearSmile Inman Aligner training course – which I thought was excellent.”

Dr Fiona Usher was among a group of GDPs attending the course presented by Dr Andy Wallace in London. She continues:

“The course was well put together and good support is available following the initial training. The content was fantastic and well delivered.

“I had expected there to be more delegates at the training, but the smaller group size was really good as there was more opportunity for each individual to seek support and guidance from the instructor.

“I think the course would be good for most GDPs – it provides a less stressful solution to fixed orthodontics with a good anterior alignment orthodontic appliance. The ethos of IAS Academy is also excellent, so I would highly recommend the ClearSmile Inman Aligner course to colleagues.”

For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses, including the ClearSmileInman Aligner,

please visit or call 020 8916 2024

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