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National Homeless and Inclusion Oral Health conference taking place on the 23rd November 2018


  Posted by: The Probe      9th October 2018

Did you know that 15% of people experiencing homelessness have attempted to extract their own teeth because of dental pain and that almost a third have accessed A&E for their dental problems? 

Have you ever wanted to use your dental skills to get involved with providing care for people experiencing homelessness or wanted to know how to set up your own homeless and inclusion oral health initiative in practice? 

The Pathway Faculty Homeless and Inclusion Oral Health conference will be sharing insights into how to take action for inclusion for people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion at the BVSC Centre for Voluntary Action in Birmingham on Friday the 23rd November 2018. Tickets to the event can be found on the Pathway website:

Keynote speakers will include Professor Andrew Hayward (UCL), Martin Burrows (Groundswell), Professor Ruth Freeman (University of Dundee) and Ben Atkins (Revive Dental Care) as well as experts with lived experience of homelessness and workshop speakers who will be sharing their “how to guide” to inclusive oral health and dentistry. 

 Join us to learn how you can get involved and take action to improve the oral health of people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion. 

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