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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd August 2018

At EndoCare, we have an expert team of specially trained endodontists to help you with complicated cases.

Endodontic procedures can be difficult – not to mention time consuming –to ensure all goes well; refer your patients to EndoCare.

The team of endodontic specialists have been expertly trained to carry out even the most complex endodontic cases, using the very latest technologies. This means that your patients will receive nothing but the very best technical care while in the EndoCare chair.

What’s more, the EndoCare team are dedicated to providing a caring, patient-focused service, which means your patients will be well looked after by an empathetic and compassionate team of professionals.

When you refer a patient to EndoCare you will become part of a special partnership to ensure that the patient gets the very best outcome possible.

To find out more about referring your patients to EndoCare, contact the team today.

For further information please call EndoCare on 020 7224 0999

Or visit


EndoCare, led by Dr Michael Sultan, is one of the UK’s most trusted Specialist Endodontic practices. Through the use of the latest technologies and techniques, the highly-trained team can offer exceptional standards of care – always putting the patient first. What’s more, EndoCare is a dependable referral centre, to which dentists from across the country send their patients for the best in specialist endodontic treatment.


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