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Top 10 tips for looking after older teeth – Dr Richard Marques


  Posted by: The Probe      29th August 2018

  1. The best care is prevention. So, the most important advice I can give is to maintain a good oral health routine throughout your life


  1.  As we age, our gums shrink and start to recede so it’s crucial to look after them and avoid the risk of gum disease. Flossing regularly to remove debris trapped between the teeth is vital for this


  1. If regular flossing becomes difficult or painful, try using a water flosser. They are much easier to handle and use water to gently push particles away from the teeth


  1. All teeth contain dentin, which yellows over time and can show through the enamel coating as it wears away. To help keep the enamel strong, limit your sugar intake and avoid brushing too harshly


  1. As we get older, so do our teeth and they will naturally become discoloured. Avoid consuming highly pigmented food and drink such as blueberries and red wine to reduce a build-up of stains


  1. Keep clear of quick-fixes when it comes to whitening older teeth. Always consult with a reputable dentist who will recommend the best course of action for your teeth based on their condition


  1. Don’t panic if you start to lose teeth. Advancements in dentistry such as implants can help rebuild your smile. Implants are permanent and fitted to match your natural teeth


  1. The look and feel of false teeth have also improved massively. Full and partial dentures are custom made and can replicate your original teeth, just be sure to care for them as though they were your real teeth!


  1. Dry mouth can become more common as we age as a result of certain medications and a decline in saliva production. Drink plenty of water and use an alcohol-free mouthwash to help prevent this


  1. Reduce your risk of gum disease and more serious conditions including oral cancer, by maintaining a healthy diet, limiting alcohol consumption and not smoking

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