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Reliable defence for rugby players

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

No matter whether your patients play in a professional league or simply enjoy a game on the weekends, rugby can present a number of dangers to their oral and general health.

Dental trauma and concussion rates in the sport are high, so to help protect patients you need to offer a solution that really works.

Give your rugby-playing patients peace of mind by prescribing the Saber Protect mouth guard from CosTech Dental Laboratory.

Made bespoke to the patient’s oral cavity, Saber Protect mouth guards are laminated and provide a high level of defence for the teeth, lips, gums and head when players are on the pitch.

The mouth guards have been specially developed to protect players against the impacts they may experience during play and can even help safeguard against concussion due to their innovative design. They feature varying levels of thickness to best absorb the shock of collisions and tackles and are also made differently depending on which level of rugby your patients participate in. This gives your patients a truly tailored level of protection that helps significantly lessen the risk of dental injuries.

Keep their head in the game and their teeth safe from impacts by contacting CosTech Dental Laboratory today.

For more information about CosTech Dental Laboratory, please visit or call 01474 320076

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