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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

It’s estimated that 100kg of mercury is deposited into our environment from waste amalgam in dental practices every year.[i]This is having serious effects on our environment and may be having an impact on our general health as well.

It’s time for dental practices to take action.

Amalgam separators from Initial Medical are the ideal way to limit the amount of mercury that enters the wastewater from your practice. Using the principle of sedimentation, these separators remove up to 99.8% of amalgam particles from your wastewater streams.

Able to be placed on all routes whereby wastewater could reach the main sewage system including sinks where you wash any instruments used during treatment,these separators also contain no moving parts or electronics, providing noiseless function and minimal surgery downtime during services.

Protect the planet and your patients form the risks of waste mercury by contacting Initial Medical today.

For further information please visit Tel: 0870 850 4045


[i]Chin, G., Chong, J., Kluczewska, A., Lau, A., Gorjy, S., Tennant, M. The Environmental Effects of Dental Amalgam. Australian Dental Journal 2000; 45(4): 246-249.


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