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Innovation against edentulism

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

Looking for a clinically proven, cost-effective way to treat patients with an edentulous lower arch?

Look no further than the new Trefoil™ system from Nobel Biocare.

A revolutionary concept that has made passive fit of a pre-manufactured bar possible for the very first time, the Trefoil system makes this a reality by using a self-adjusting fixation mechanism and just three implants.

Due to the nature of the components this treatment encourages a simplified workflow, which in turn enables less chair time and a shorter time-to-teeth for patients. The treatment also abolishes the need for CAD/CAM and temporary prosthetics, meaning you will be able to place definitive teeth on the day of surgery, giving your patients a speedier solution.

A new way to combat edentulism which means you can treat more patients, better – find out how the Trefoil system from Nobel Biocare change the way you help your patients by contacting Nobel Biocare today.

 For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit



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