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How to handle halitosis

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

Halitosis is a sensitive subject but you can handle it gently but effectively by recommending CB12 White as part of oral health instruction.

Explain to patients that volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) are mainly responsible for halitosis and to keep these as well as plaque and bacteria under control, they need a clinically proven mouthwash.

CB12 White contains all necessary ingredients to actually target and neutralise odour-causing VSCs with long lasting effects. It also contains anti-plaque agents and fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

The added bonus with CB12 White is that it also has the technology to lift tooth stains and prevent new stains from developing. So patients that use CB12 White twice a day for two weeks notice a pleasing whitening effect, which along with the reassurance of pleasant breath, boosts confidence and keeps them motivated.

To manage halitosis supportively and get the best oral hygiene results from your patients, discover CB12 White today.

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