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Fight periodontitis with PROPACS

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

Periodontal disease is one of the most widespread oral health complications in the world, and yet assessing individual cases is rarely straightforward.

Save time and fight back against periodontitis with the help of PROPACS from PRO Diagnostics UK.

An innovative, cloud based storage system for patient image files, PROPACS allows professionals to send radiographs to a team of radiology specialists for expert reporting. Their special PerioGuide report is particularly useful as it not only indicates the severity of periodontal disease through an easy to understand traffic light colour system, but it also gives detailed information on the case to help aid the formulation of an effective care plan.

The PerioGuide report reveals the amount of bone loss at each site of periodontal infection and this helps professionals to establish that the disease is present and also see how badly the patient is afflicted. This means that dentists won’t have to take these measurements themselves and that the information can be sent straight to the hygienist and the periodontist, streamlining the whole process and providing better diagnostic confidence.

Combat the plague of periodontitis by choosing PROPACS from PRO Diagnostics UK today.

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