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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

For faster, better treatments with outstanding aesthetic results, look no further than the Z1 implant system.

Developed following considerable research and well-proven technology, Z1 is a tissue level implant system that combines zirconia and pure titanium into one seamless component.

The Z1 implant system features a unique zirconia collar, which protects the crestal bone and the gingiva by acting like an anti-bacterial shield for optimal soft-tissue management, primary stability and osseointegration.

Working at tissue level, the Z1 implant system offers clinicians good visibility and easy accessibility to components. It has a success rate of 98.6 per cent[i]but one of the main advantages to both practitioners and patients is that it can be placed with one stage surgery.

Using the Z1 implant system enables clinicians to offer quick delivery, which not only optimises chair time but is also less time consuming and far more comfortable for patients. And, with the added bonus of immediate aesthetic results – the Z1 system is an appealing treatment option that is sure to meet your patients’ expectations.

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[i]Information collected from the data of the Smiletranquility ® Program based on 15.534 patients with Z1 implants from 01.2014 to 01.2016.


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