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Dr Ulrich Volz at ADI Focus Meeting this November

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  Posted by: The Probe      28th August 2018

Dr Ulrich Volz will be speaking at the ADI Focus Meeting this November presenting “Bone Growing Implants – Update on the Latest Protocols and Shapes in Ceramic Implants”. He says:

“This topic is particularly relevant for dental implant clinicians right now because ceramic implants have finally been accepted as equal to traditional solutions by the ITI group. Also, due to increasing patient demand for aesthetics, ceramic implants are becoming responsible for an ever growing proportion of the dental implant market.

“I think most dentists lack knowledge and understanding of ceramic implants and their potential benefits. With 18 years’ experience and approximately 20,000 ceramic implants placed personally, I will be able to deliver relevant information on the specific laws of zirconia and the new protocols available.

“I believe the ADI is a very open minded group and the event will therefore bring topics to the table that are helping to improve the daily success of any implantologist.”

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ADI Focus Meeting 2018 – Saturday 17 November – ICC Birmingham


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