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ADI Study Clubs This Autumn / Winter

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  Posted by: The Probe      28th August 2018

Finding easy ways to stay up to date with the latest news, products and concepts in dental implantology can be difficult. However, the ADI Study Clubs provide an ideal solution.

Located across the UK and covering a wide range of topics, the events offer a chance to learn and network with peers, without the inconvenience of travelling too far.

ADI Study Clubs available at the end of this year include:


  • Complications in Implant Dentistry – A 46 Year Perspective (1972 to 2018)(John Richardson): Newcastle – 12 November


  • Implant Complications(Robert Dyas): Wakefield –14 November


  • Understanding the Significance of Occlusal Function in the Aetiology of Dental Failures and Failure of our Interventions(Rai Ahlowalia): Birmingham – 14 November


  • Immediate Placement and Loading – A 10 Year Journey(Abid Faqir): Motherwell – 22 November: East Grinstead – 29 November


  • Preparing the Implant Sites – Is Socket Preservation the Answer? (Nik Pandya): Winchester 26 November


  • Treatment Planning for the Edentulous Maxilla (Andrew Legg): London – 4 December


Booking is easy online – registration is free for members but non-members are also welcome. Visit the website to see the full list of Study Clubs and book online today.

For information on the ADI Team Congress and upcoming events, please visit

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