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Dentists warn against ‘DIY brace’ YouTube tutorials


  Posted by: The Probe      16th August 2018

As told in The Telegraph, dentists have issued a warning to children who follow ‘do-it-yourself braces’ tutorials on YouTube, amid fears they could cause permanent damage to their teeth.

Vice-chair of the British Dental Association, Eddie Crouch, has urged YouTube to act on taking the videos down, and warned that such a method could result in a child’s teeth falling out.

In a video that top dentists describe as “scary”, a young woman is seen using clay and glue to create a makeshift brace into the shape of her ‘ideal’ mouth.

Later on in the video, which has racked up 180,000 views, she tells viewers that she wears the ‘brace’ while she sleeps.

Practicing dentist, Mr Crouch, says Youtube has a social obligation to remove the content, and told the Daily Telegraph: “If this was any other sort of practice that was potentially mutilating or causing serious health issues, then that obligation would be there.”

Christopher Dean, director of the Dental Law Partnership has said that poorly-fitted braces could come loose in a child’s mouth while they eat or sleep, which is “potentially life-threatening.”

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