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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

“Pastelli uniforms are a must in our practice,” says Yvonne Wood, hygienist and owner of Yvonne Wood Dental Hygiene in Welshpool.

Yvonne has been wearing Pastelli for a number of years now, most recently purchasing Nuraxi tunics in rose garnet with Illetas trousers for her team.

“All the uniforms I’ve ever purchased have been fantastic quality, extremely comfortable and are wonderfully contemporary – what more can you ask for? 

“Even our patients love them; they tell us all the time how great we look
. This is important to us as a team because we feel it reflects our practice, professionalism and persona.
Plus, just like when you dress up to go on a night out you feel good if you look good. Thesame applies at work – when you feel the part you work well.

“For anyone who isn’t sure I recommend contacting Joanne Hunt, RPA Dental’s leading Pastelli Sales Consultant and the ‘Queen of Uniforms’. With her help, you can be sure to find a uniform that fits both you and your practice. She really does go above and beyond to get this right for you!”

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