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  Posted by: The Probe      10th July 2018

Radiographs form a core part of treatment planning and diagnostics in a number of cases, so give your patients the best level of care possible with specialist radiology reports via PROPACS from PRO Diagnostics UK.

PROPACS is an innovative online portal that allows dental professionals access to advice from dental radiologists with the touch of a button.

The radiology reports you will receive include detailed dental specific and pathological findings that have been interpreted by highly trained dental radiologists. Each of these individuals has extensive experience in the field and is able to share this knowledge in order to maximise patient health outcomes.

Furthermore, this support system is available around the clock meaning that you can always receive the guidance you need, when you need it.

A GDPR compliant, cloud-based storage system, PROPACS also provides a storage space for diagnostic images and treatment plans for your patients, keeping them safe from the dangers of viruses and hacking with a high-tech security wall of encrypted software.

For more information about PROPACS, contact PRO Diagnostics UK today.

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