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  Posted by: The Probe      31st July 2018

For the ultimate technology to accelerate minimally invasive, preventive dentistry come and see the CALCIVIS imaging system at the BDIA Dental Showcase 2018.

The science behind this innovative device was inspired by the bioluminescent (light emitting) mechanism that is seen in nature by marine animals, such as jellyfish – CALCIVIS applies a highly specific bioluminescent photoprotein, which in the presence of free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces, produces a low level light. An integrated intraoral sensor then detects this light and displays a precise, glowing map of active demineralisation at the chair side.

The CALCIVIS imaging system is an early detection device. It enables practitioners to identify demineralisation at its earliest and most reversible stage and to plan prompt management to prevent dental caries and erosion.

With clear, engaging images, the CALCIVIS imaging system is also an advanced communication tool. Dental professionals can explain demineralisation, illustrate problem areas and motivate patients by helping them to understand and improve their oral health. 

The CALCIVIS team will be on stand B52 to show delegates this amazing imaging system, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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