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Passion Beyond the Practice: “Mrs India UK is a celebration of women of substance”


  Posted by: The Probe      16th July 2018

Dentist and Mrs india UK 2018, GULLU KUCHHAL, speaks to Libby Stonell about the competition and her mission to take her winning oral health campaign global…

My parents have been always been instrumental in instilling a drive to work for humanity, which paved the way for me to join the healthcare sector. I graduated in 2002 and have been practicing ever since.

My parents have always been encouraging and motivated me to bring positivity to other people’s lives. My family are very highly educated and and we all share a strong belief in the value of learning.

Dentistry is my passion and my other activities and hobbies will always work around that. It’s a profession that gives a great sense of fulfillment as it makes a difference.

When I think about the final of Mrs India UK, I still get goose bumps. I refer to it as my ‘frozen moment”.

I believe one must always be positive and have a winning attitude. I am also an athlete and therefore have a sportsman’s spirit. Though I am very competitive, I am humble in my winning and graceful in my defeat.

When it comes to pageants, there will only be one winner but many opportunities to learn. Honestly, I don’t feel a true beauty contestant ever loses – you can either win or learn. Hard work and dedication is what pays off in the end.

To those who say beauty pageants are outdated, those who think that are under the impression that winning or participating is only a measure of physical beauty, whereas it is not just about appearance.

Mrs India UK sets the boundaries free by redefining the myth of beauty. It teaches that beauty is not only skin deep and is a celebration of being a woman of substance.

I would argue that beauty pageants are a platform in which you are taught life skills, such as public speaking, confidence and presenting. These go far in the job market and can give a leg up on your fellow competition. Regardless of shape size and appearance, women have a chance to showcase their skills, talent and knowledge to voice their opinion globally.

I think my personal drive to succeed and willingness to learn and work continuously regardless of any failures made me stand out amongst the other contestants. As well as being a dental health care professional, I manage my personal, professional and social life effectively.

Dentistry will always be my passion as it allows my career to grow further and progress, which means I can provide better health care for people. I am very lucky that I am able to branch out into other areas like beauty pageants and public speaking in order to inspire and motivate people. I am really eager to create awareness and educate, specifically the younger generation, and hammer home the importance of good oral health and a healthy lifestyle. I am working beyond the boundaries as a dentist in order to take my ‘Quit to Care’ campaign‘, an anti-smoking initiative, across the globe.

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