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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

The ROEKO GuttaFlow®bioseal by COLTENE does more than seal and fill the root canal – it also actively supports regeneration for long-lasting, quality results. How?

Upon contact with fluids, the material simultaneously provides natural repair constituents such as calcium and silicates and forms hydroxylapatite crystals. These crystals help to significantly improve adhesion and stimulate the regeneration of bone and dentine tissue vastly improving treatment outcomes.

Before the ROEKO GuttaFlow®bioseal was introduced, only dental materials such as mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and bioglass displayed similar regenerative and supportive properties – both of which have long curing times and complicated handling. By stark contrast, the ROEKO GuttaFlow®bioseal has a working time of just five minutes and curing time of 12-16 minutes, and is very easy to manipulate. It’s the perfect addition to any dentist’s toolkit.

Contact COLTENE to discover more about how the intelligent obturation material could transform your endodontic treatment.

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