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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

Dental trauma can occur in basketball just as often as in contact sports like rugby and boxing.[i]

Make sure your patients are protected whenever they head to the courts with the Saber Protect mouth guard from CosTech Dental Laboratory.

Completely bespoke to the patient’s oral cavity, Saber Protect is the proven way to help prevent and lessen the harmful effects of dental trauma for patients who play basketball and other limited contact sports.

Specifically designed to guard the mouth, lips, gums and head, Saber Protect mouth guards are moulded to reflect the sport that the patient plays, offering tailored protection no matter whether they are a beginner at school or a professional who plays for their career.

Each mouth guard shields against different impact levels, providing shock absorbency in the places that most need protection. As such, you can guard your patients from harmful effects such as tooth avulsion and other potential injuries by providing them with a mouth guard they can really rely on!

To see how Saber Protect mouth guards can help protect the basketball players on your patient list, contact CosTech Dental Laboratory to find out more.

For more information about CosTech Dental Laboratory, please visit or call 01474 320076


[i]Cohenca, N., Roges, R., Roges, R. (2007). The Incidence and Severity of Dental Trauma in Intercollegiate Athletes. American Dental Association. JADA Volume 138, pages 1121-1126.

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