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  Posted by: The Probe      5th July 2018

Seek out MyCrown as your cost effective solution to creating beautiful restorations.

The fully integrated CAD/CAM system uses guided software with 5 simple steps that streamline the production of various restorative solutions – including crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges.

Featuring a touchscreen monitor and an advanced intraoral scanner, MyCrown eliminates the need for traditional impression materials, as practitioners are able to capture detailed digital scans of a patient’s oral cavity. These 2D and 3D images are available for immediate review and editing, which facilitates the delivery of a supreme-fitting prosthesis.

The two-spindle system of MyCrown’s sophisticated milling unit then fabricates the proposed restoration with speed and accuracy. Many practitioners are astounded with the system’s high performance, which can produce a single crown in an average of just 12 minutes – without ever sacrificing on quality.

Moreover, MyCrown is optimised to mill from restoration blocks according to your preference, so you are not limited to a specific manufacturer or material.

Provide the ultimate treatment experience with MyCrown.  

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