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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, Stern Weber offers clinicians the very best in dental unit design. Rigour and precision are the key aspects of each Stern Weber creation, helping dentists to work efficiently, effectively and flexibly.

There are three series:

  • The S series, a range of dental units where the patient chair and the unit body are attached to each other for complete synchronism.
  • The TR series, which has a freestanding unit body independent from the patient chair and its movements for optimal ergonomics, stability and use of space.
  • The TRC series, which thanks to the suspended patient chair helps to creatively maximise the space available.

And don’t forget, Stern Weber also offers an extensive range of instruments and accessories so that you can assemble a dental unit that is suited to your specific clinical needs and preferences.

All units are available from RPA Dental alongside first class customer service, so call now to find out more.

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