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Continu disinfectant achieves new EN ISO 16954 standard

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  Posted by: The Probe      10th July 2018

Constantly striving to help Dental Practices achieve infection control compliance, Nuview recently tested its Continu Dental Unit Waterline Disinfectant to assess biofilm removal and prevention in line with the new BS EN ISO 16954 standard. The Continu solution is thought to be the first weekly treatment of its kind to be tested to this standard and, as expected, results were extremely positive.  

During a three-week test period, the treatment resulted in no viable planktonic bacteria and no viable biofilm bacteria being recovered so the Continu Disinfectant for Dental Unit Waterlines was shown to disrupt mixed species biofilms for all three weeks. Furthermore the tests showed that Continu inhibited biofilm reformation between treatments.  

The results demonstrate that Continu offers an excellent solution to biofilm removal in a single weekly treatment, saving Practices time and money, whilst ensuring compliance to the HTM 01-05 requirement for periodic disinfection of Dental Unit Waterlines. To find out more about the study or to discover further benefits of using Continu alcohol-free disinfectants, contact Nuview.

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