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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

Dental implants are widely accepted as an effective solution to tooth loss, but now patients have high expectations. They want to be confident that their implant not only functions like a natural tooth, but also looks like one too.

That’s why so many practitioners offer the TBR Z1 implant system.

Available exclusively from Dental Express, the Z1 implant system is the world’s only tissue-level implant that combines zirconia and titanium in one seamless component, with excellent osseointegrative properties and optimal soft-tissue management.

The Z1 features a highly biocompatible titanium screw that is robust and resistant to flexion. The zirconia collar of the Z1 acts as a protective shield to both the crestal bone and gingiva, reducing the risk of iatrogenic inflammation or infection.

The unique collar design of the Z1 helps improve the overall visual result by encouraging the tissue to heal around the implant in a way that mimics natural gingival growth – so patients are able to achieve optimum aesthetics.

With a 98.6% success rate, the Z1 implant is the first-choice for practitioners looking to improve the outcome of their implant treatments. 

For more information visit Dental Express at, call 0800 707 6212 or learn more about the Z1 implant at and the full range of implants at

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