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A new era at Sparkle Dental Labs

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  Posted by: The Probe      5th July 2018

Change is important to grow, and at Sparkle Dental Labs this change has lead to a revolution of services.

Led by Mustafa Mohammed, Managing Director and Craig Howlin, Director and CEO, Sparkle Dental Labs is now one of the largest operating dental laboratories in the country, providing not only exceptional quality products but also a drive towards innovation.

With this new, effective management system in place, Sparkle Dental Labs has entered a new era of opportunity and uses its resources to create high quality restorations, support the education of the next generation of dental technicians and make strides forward in terms of technology.

From testing a wide array of 3D printers and new materials, to utilising the most cutting-edge digital technologies in the CAD/CAM suite, Sparkle Dental Labs has paved the way for a bright future, becoming a laboratory that is at the very top of the technological curve.

Find out more about how Sparkle Dental Labs has entered a new era of excellence by contacting one of the team for more information.

For more information, contact Sparkle Dental Labs on 0800 138 6255, or visit

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