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Upcoming ADI Study Clubs

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  Posted by: The Probe      25th June 2018

Whether you are a member of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI), or not, ADI Study Clubs provide an ideal opportunity to learn in a convenient and effective way.

Covering a huge array of topics, the events are presented by leading professionals in the field and offer a wealth of information and guidance.

Upcoming ADI Study Clubs this Autumn include:

  • Soft Tissue Management of Implants or Immediate Implantation and Loading(Boota Singh Ubhi): North West – 13 September


  • To Socket Shield or Not to Socket Shield… That is the Question!(Zaki Kanaan): Newport – 19 September & Motherwell– 27 September


  • Piezosurgery Applied to Implant Dentistry(Luca di Alberti): Newcastle –27 September


  • Prosthetically Designed Implant Placement for the 21stCentury(Adam Nulty): London – 1 October


  • The Uses and Advantages of Using the PRGF Endoret System in Surgery(Bob Brazenall): Winchester – 2 October


  • The Future of Implant Dentistry (Robert Dyas): Belfast – 10 October


  • The Art and Science of Clinical Photography (Noel Perkins):East Grinstead – 11 October


For more details on these and many more ADI Study Clubs available this Autumn, visit the website today.

For information on the ADI Team Congress and upcoming events, please visit

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