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Uniforms revived – Dr Ben Atkins

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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd June 2018







Dr Ben Atkins, Clinical Director and Owner of Revive Dental Care in Greater Manchester, is currently in the process of replacing the uniforms across the entire group. For this, he has chosen Italian designer Pastelli from RPA Dental.


“It’s important to me that the clinical team are more aware of what’s going on around them and not just what is in front of them in the dental chair,” he says.

“Whilst patients can’t often judge the standard of the dentistry, they can judge if the team – myself included – look scruffy. That’s why I chose Pastelli, as the uniforms are smart, contemporary, attractive and eye-catching.

“My management team worked with Joanne Hunt at RPA Dental to find uniforms for the different members of the dental practice team, and since being introduced I’ve noticed a huge difference not just in smartness, but in staff morale too. Together with the logos, which have been embroidered on the tunics, the uniforms have given everyone a new sense of identity and professionalism.

“I myself also use Pastelli, not just in practice but also in my dental media work to create a remarkable campaign that people will remember – and it’s working too! Only recently I was recognised in the supermarket by a mother and child who had seen me on the TV that morning.

“I couldn’t be happier with what Joanne has done for myself and the Revive Dental Care group – she has gone over and above my expectations.”


For more information about Ben’s clinical and media work visit go to find out more about the group.


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