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  Posted by: The Probe      15th June 2018

PROPACS from PRO Diagnostics UK is here to support your practice by providing fast and efficient, expert dental radiology reporting.

With PROPACS, there is no need to send your patients elsewhere for specialist radiology assessments and reports – it provides your very own in-house radiology department.

As such, you can maximise your time by streamlining your workflow and ensuring a smoother process for both professional and patient in every case.

Further still, you can minimise the risk of diagnostic errors by outsourcing all your diagnostic evaluation writing to PRO Diagnostics UK’s team of specialists, who deliver clinically relevant reports, fast.

To find out more about how PROPACS could elevate your diagnostic abilities, all the while ensuring a smooth workflow, saving you time and minimising risks, contact the friendly team today.

For more information please call 01480 862088 or email





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