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Replace amalgam with Fill-Up!

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  Posted by: The Probe      20th June 2018

The introduction of new regulations means that the use of amalgam will be restricted from as early as 1 July 2018, with intentions to phase it out possibly by 2030.

To take its place, COLTENE recommendsFill-Up! – a dual curing bulk fill composite for Class I and Class II cavities. Currently, Fill-Up! is the only dual cured bulk fill available in the UK that provides thorough and gentle curing right down to the deepest layers. No other bulk fill composite is yet available that offers an unlimited curing depth like Fill-Up!.

 Fill-up! can also be administered in arbitrary thickness quickly and efficiently with minimal shrinkage, excellent marginal adaptation and amazing aesthetic results – and all at a reasonable price that dentists and patients alike can afford. It’s the ultimate alternative to dental amalgam.

To make the switch to Fill-Up! bulk fill composite, contact COLTENE now.

 To find out more visit, email or call 01444 235486

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