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Job Searching in Dentistry – Christina Regan, Rodericks Dental

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st June 2018

Searching for a new job can be a full time job in itself! With the presence of the internet, there are now multiple channels that can be utilised in the hunt, giving greater choice and exciting opportunities. Whether the move in position is to gain a promotion, for a change in patient demographics or for one of many other reasons, time and effort needs to be put into the search to find that perfect job. Having a plan and strategy in mind can make the process more efficient and productive, and end with a successful result.

Objective: clarity Having a clear and defined objective in mind can make the job search much more straightforward. Further still, when it comes to making any decisions along the process, the objective is always there to refer back to, to help base the decision upon. The career path in dentistry can be as diverse as one wants it to be, which is often part of what attracts individuals to the profession. From general private or NHS high street practices to working out in the community or in an institution, such as a hospital, there are options galore. There is also the option to move away from clinical practice and into a public health role. Further still, there are multiple specialties to choose from as well.

Employer type

The type of employer and establishment can make all the difference to satisfaction in the workplace. It is more than just a job when it comes to any position within the healthcare sector. Due to the long hours, hard work and commitment, the full package on offer needs to be considered. It should include training, continual professional development support, career progression, mentoring, and so much more. From a technology perspective, most dentists enjoy the benefits that it can provide for improved patient care, therefore, the type of equipment used by a practice can be an important factor for many. Are they at the forefront of technology, using the latest in x-ray machines, rotary endodontics and practice management software?

Search channels

Within this digital era, there are now many ways to search for new positions. A person’s current position and their objective will often dictate which methods are most relevant and would therefore lead to success. A young dentists just starting out may have more limited contacts in the industry at that point and so could rely more heavily on recruitment agencies or online searches, whereas a dentist already well established in the industry might only need to use their network to find that next opportunity. However, in most instances, a combination of online and more traditional methods can be used to optimise the chance of finding the perfect next move.

Onwards and online

There is now an abundance of dental specific job websites. With the use of search fields, the specification can be refined so that only the most relevant and applicable positions are shown. This is a very efficient and proactive method of searching for a new job. Most sites offer an ‘email alert’ system to notify candidates when a position that fits their criteria has come online. Further still, these websites enable job seekers to upload their curriculum vitae so that employers can look for candidates that fit with their requirements.

Personal networking

Networking can now be carried out offline in person, or online over the internet. With the introduction of professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn and more dental specific networks like Dental Circle, the way in which the profession networks has evolved. More traditional, but still very relevant methods, include catching up with acquaintances and peers at events, meeting liked-minded people at educational courses, by word-of-mouth and through professional associations (which enable a more targeted approach).

An independent or group practice?

This is a relevant question when looking at the dental practice landscape of today. There are, of course, advantages to both, and it is usually down to personal preference and the positions and opportunities available at the time. Rodericks Dental, for example, offers modern practice facilities, career advancement, a mentoring scheme and clinical support from a dedicated team. Rodericks put excellent patient care at the very heart of everything they do, while always striving to create the best possible working environments and progression opportunities for professionals.

Making the decision to start hunting for the next step in your career is exciting, but it can also be time and energy consuming. Working to a plan and using a breadth of relevant job search channels can find that perfect position.

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