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  Posted by: The Probe      20th June 2018

Barnet and Southgate College also launches online apprenticeship in dental nursing

 Barnet and Southgate College and the City of London Dental School have announced a new collaboration which places them at the forefront of UK dental technology training; the delivery of digital technology focused courses will not only benefit patients in the region, but will also benefit employers and those wishing to advance their dental career or qualifications. The Dental Sciences Centre at the College opened in September 2017, as part of an extensive refurbishment of the Southgate Campus and includes state-of-the-art resources such as a decontamination room, processing and casting labs, as well as three dedicated specialist laboratories equipped with the latest industry-standard equipment.

 Professor Stewart Harding from the City of London Dental School said: “We look forward to working with Barnet and Southgate College; the facilities here really are state- of- the-art and the College is at the forefront of dental training in the region, if not the UK. In the next five years the dental technician’s world and dentistry will take a paradigm shift into digital technology and current messy artisan techniques will slowly become obsolete.

 For example, we currently take impressions of a patient’s teeth, which are then sent off to a dental laboratory that then create a plaster cast and dental appliance which is then sent back to the practice, but this can now all be done digitally with a 3D laser scanner, which we will have on campus, to enable students to use as part of their training. Dental technicians will inevitably need to hone their digital skills and our partnership proposes to do just this.

 The higher lever apprenticeships at the College prove that it’s no longer necessary to go to university to progress within the industry. The partnership also delivers much needed support for dental employers, as the speciality of courses focuses on niche skills and training. The higher apprenticeship for dental technicians is designed to meet the General Dental Council (GDC) standards and will enable successful apprentices to register as a Dental Care Professional (DCP). The long term goal of the partnership is that we provide fully trained dental technicians, with the option of progressing onto MSc qualifications. Ultimately our dental technicians will become highly skilled dental designers.”

 Barnet and Southgate College is the only further education college in the UK with a specialist centre for Dentistry. Serving students such as 24 year old, dental technologist Jordan Diggines-Wallis, who is already reaping the benefits of training at the Southgate Campus dental facility.

Jordan is on the Level 5 higher apprenticeship and said: “I work for a dental lab in Bedford, they arranged for me to start the higher level dental apprenticeship at Barnet and Southgate College. It’s great that the facilities and equipment are the same as at work, if not nicer and brand spanking new! This means I’ve really settled into my training. It’s nice to see the machinery that I recognise and I look forward to using all the equipment that I’ve never used before as well. When you tell people that you’re studying dental technology, most people don’t really know what it is. But I’d say if you’re creative and intellectual and want to use both of those skills then a dental technology course is the one for you and it’s very good. My training is very integrated; what I learn at College I take back to work and what I learn at work I bring back into College and apply here. Everyone on the course is lovely and the tutors are really nice. In fact, I look forward to coming into College each week, it’s a lot of information to take in as you only come in one day a week and the rest of the week you’re still working.

 I started this course at university, but then decided to start the apprenticeship. I had to take a step back and see that getting the work experience as part of my placement is what is most important and I really enjoy my job, as I actually get to see the relevance of what I’m learning. I also started to accrue some debt from being at Uni, which was a massive contributing factor of doing an apprenticeship, alongside improved job prospects. The fact I’m currently on placement within a laboratory is positive and providing I do well on my course there’ll be a job vacancy offered to me. I’ve been thinking about continuing to a full degree after my apprenticeship at Barnet and Southgate College and after that the natural progression would be for me to open my own lab and to possibly focus on something as a speciality, the prospect of that is really exciting for me.”

 As part of the collaboration the College also unveils a brand new online apprenticeship in dental nursing; suitable for those already in work or about to start working in a dental practice. As the course is wholly delivered online via a blended learning package it is ideal for those wishing to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, whilst working or juggling other commitments. On completion of the qualification students will also receive the Dental Nurse Apprenticeship Standard and they will be able to register with the General Dental Council (GDC) and work as a dental nurse, or continue to train in a number of other roles including: a dental hygienist, orthodontic therapist, laboratory technician, dental practice manager or senior dental nurse. 

David Byrne, Principal of Barnet and Southgate College said:  “We’re proud to be the only FE College in the UK with a specialist centre for Dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental courses and the hi-tech training we deliver moves away from the messy, artisan craft of dental manufacturing to the cleaner tech driven world of CAD design and 3D printing, which will change technical education within the dental industry bringing it firmly into the 21st century and beyond.”

Dental interview and drop-in dates for 2018 at the Dental Sciences Centre, Barnet and Southgate College, Southgate Campus, London, N14 6BS:

 Thursday 28 June 2018: 9am to 5pm

Thursday 18 July 2018: 9am to 5pm

 For more information please call: 020 8266 4000.



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