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  Posted by: The Probe      20th June 2018

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is renowned for providing outstanding educational opportunities to dental practitioners in the UK.

The BACD holds Recommended Meetings throughout the year in various locations across the country, offering dentists the opportunity to gain new skills and enhance their knowledge.

If you are yet to attend a session this year, don’t worry! There is still a chance for you to join several exciting meetings in the next few months, which will cover a wide range of topics on:

  • Producing accreditation standard aesthetic results
  • Mastering aesthetic pontics
  • Minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry in general practice
  • The essential knowledge of occlusion
  • Composites
  • Maximising minimal intervention

Do any of these topics peak your interest? If so, visit the BACD website for further details and to book your tickets. Spaces are limited so be quick – you won’t want to miss out!

 For further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry visit

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