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  Posted by: The Probe      7th June 2018

“For clarity of vision I use Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes with 4.0x magnification from Nuview,” says Dr Boota Singh Ubhi, a registered specialist in periodontics and implant surgeon at BPI Dental in Birmingham.

“I chose Carl Zeiss loupes as they have a very good reputation for quality and performance, and the feedback from colleagues has always been very positive.

“Thanks to the calibre of the optics and excellent illumination from the EyeMag Light II, I can see minute structures in a high level of detail without suffering from eye strain and discomfort.

“I would definitely recommend to other practitioners – EyeMag Pro loupes are the best I’ve ever had!”

EyeMag Pro loupes are available from Nuview in a variety of magnification settings from 3.2x to 5x. Get in touch with the team to find out more.

For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266,

email, visit or ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.


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