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  Posted by: The Probe      21st June 2018

Creating accurate restorations requires a material that works with you.

Why not explore the benefits of LAVA Esthetic full-contour zirconia from 3M Oral Care?

A study found that 100% of labs (n=11, n=8) interviewed were satisfied with the millability[i]and fit[ii]of LAVA Esthetic zirconia, allowing them to accurately make and add detail for aesthetic restorations.

LAVA Esthetic zirconia is more adjustable than conventional types[iii]and the majority of labs tested (n=8) agreed that they achieved predictable results when using the material.[iv]They also said that it allowed them to produce more aesthetic full-contour restorations in a shorter time.[v]

Contact 3M Oral Care to find out more about how LAVA Esthetic zirconia can streamline creating restorations for you.

For more information, call 0800 626 578 or visit

3M and LAVA Esthetic are trademarks of the 3M Company.



[i]3M Oral Care Internal Data: 100% satisfied with millability. Claim 6938 (2017).

[ii]3M Oral Care Internal Data:100% satisfied with fit. Claim 6936 (2017).

[iii]3M Oral Care Internal Data:More adjustable. Claim 6820 (2016).

[iv]3M Oral Care Internal Data:Predictable results . Claim 6941 (2017).

[v]3M Oral Care Internal Data:Produce esthetic restorations faster. Claim 6941 (2017).

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