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11 out of 10 for Goodman Grant

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  Posted by: The Probe      20th June 2018

“I couldn’t praise them highly enough, they were great!” said Christine Hall as she rated her experience after using Goodman Grant, the lawyers for dentists.

She continued: “Although all the communications we received were in a plain language, there were a couple of times when I misunderstood. This was no fault of the Goodman Grant team but my lack of knowledge of the situation. Nevertheless, when I went back to them, they explained everything and always made sure that I got the clarification I needed.

“Paul Harris provided us with an outstanding level of customer service. I contacted him, not just about the matter we were dealing with but also about one or two other Practice issues that cropped up at the same time. He was very good at answering all my queries.

“At the beginning we were given a set fee to do the job. To be honest, it took rather longer and was more involved than we expected, so I was a little bit concerned that Goodman Grant might need to make an addition to our fees. They didn’t however, and we paid the agreed fee.

“They were brilliant on every count and I would be more than happy to recommend them and I will certainly use them again.”

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