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  Posted by: The Probe      23rd May 2018

The professional team from Munroe Sutton inspired many delegates at this year’s British Dental Conference and Dentistry show.

In a Business Skills Workshop, Jeremy Hedrick and Valerie Bostrom of Munroe Sutton’s Network Development team demonstrated their understanding on “Achieving affordable private dental care following the American model.” Delegates left the session armed with new insights into how they can attract new patients to their practices.

Delegates were also able to find out how they could benefit from connecting to a vast patient base through an exclusive network of some of Britain’s most influential healthcare, insurance and financial institutions.

Practices within Munroe Sutton’s network simply offer the Healthy Discounts scheme to help patients save 20% on the cost of dental treatment. In return, Munroe Sutton works closely with companies such as Cigna to promote your practice and provide remarkable support to your business.

If you are yet to join, get in touch with the team today to start enjoying the benefits of membership at Munroe Sutton. 

For more information, please call 0808 234 3558 or visit

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