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British children have ‘worse teeth than those in Malawi’


  Posted by: manpreet.boora      11th January 2018

Volunteer-run charity, Dentaid begins performing free procedures on the British public who are unable to see a dentist.

They have set up temporary surgeries in Britain in order to relieve people of their dental pain, seeking to help those that are vulnerable, homeless or unable to book an appointment with a dentist.

Chief executive Andrew Evans said: “We recognised there was a need within the UK with people struggling to access NHS care.

“I have heard dentists saying it is worse than at one our projects in Malawi. The state of oral health in the UK has been a big surprise.”

Recent figures reveal that 160 youths are having teeth taken out under general anaesthetic in England every day. Dentaid began treatment after learning that those visiting food banks were unable to eat due to their dental health. The worst affected area is said to be West Yorkshire, with NHS Choices stating that 96 per cent of practices are unable to accept new patients.

The British Dental Association has stated that Government funding is only enough to pay for half the population.

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